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Valley View Charter Prep collects work samples at the beginning of each semester for all students. That means one sample per semester (a 8×11 page) for every course listed on your master agreement.  Our schools are funded by the state, and the work samples are one way we show that the students are learning and growing throughout the year. Thank you for all of your support in collecting good, representative work samples.

Please note the fine details of work samples:

  1. We require work samples (as listed on the Master Agreement) for the collection periods at the beginning of each semester – just one sample per subject per semester.  ALL WORK SAMPLES SHOULD BE ORIGINALS, not photocopies.
  2. Work samples must be legible, and representative of the child’s best work.
  3. Do not date the sample.  If need be, make sure dates are school days, not weekends or holidays.
  4. Students must print or sign their LEGAL first and last name on the top right of every page in their own writing (if possible). Nicknames (or middle names alone) are not permitted on any of the legal documents such as Attendance Logs, Master Agreement, and Learning Report.
  5. Each work sample will consist of a single 8×11 page.  It may be a two-sided assignment, but ONE SHEET.
    Note: Use the official PE log for as the PE sample.
  6. MATH: The question(s), the student work & answer, AND the evaluation must be included.

Examples of Acceptable work samples for grades K-8

  • Canned sample option for k-8 (talk with your teacher for these worksheets).
  • Completed workbook pages
  • Written assignments
  • Poems, stories, reports (include student signature on typed reports)
  • Reading logs with student reflections
  • Student artwork
  • Student dictation written by parent (K-1)
  • Parent-produced description of activity completed (grades K-1)
  • Photos of projects completed with explanatory notes (as long as students also have other samples in their own writing,)
  • Music work samples may be a copy of sheet music worked on with a written description, a teacher-observed performance or a completed practice log.

Examples of Acceptable Work Samples for High School

While we allow a fair amount of flexibility in the types of samples that are collected, all materials should significantly substantiate the coursework that a student is doing. It is expected that at the high school level the student is generating a significant volume of work and can readily turn in samples that are reflective of the student’s overall course load. The following are suitable high school samples:

  • Graded Essays: Rough drafts or final copies.
    At least one significant writing sample should be included. It can be from any subject area.
  • Vocabulary, Grammar, and Spelling worksheets.
  • Short answer responses to reading
  • Mid-chapter and end of chapter reviews
  • Graded math assignments with problems (showing all work)
  • Study guides
  • Drawing, painting, and graphic design projects
  • Photographs and descriptions of large-scale projects
  • Teacher responses to student demonstrations or oral presentations
  • See course descriptions for assignments that are required for submission in addition to the above.

Unacceptable work samples (all grade levels)

The following are examples of unacceptable work samples:

  • Sectarian (religious) work samples are not allowed. This includes work samples with references to scripture on the page or religious references in the body of the work. Whiting-out the religious references not acceptable. Work samples applying to studies of world religions or comparative religion ARE acceptable.
  • Student work written on scraps of paper, napkins, etc.
  • Crumpled, torn, soiled or illegible samples.
  • Work samples printed on the back of other documents. These are difficult to read.
  • Work that has not been corrected and evaluated.
  • Answers for math assignments without work shown.
  • Samples for courses other than foreign language that are not in English.
 Sites for free downloadable/printable worksheets
(no copyright issues if printed for individual student use)
See links below to find work sample worksheets suitable to subject area and grade level.  These are just a few of many sites for free worksheets on the internet.
Remember, each student needs to submit 2 work samples – one per semester – for subjects listed on the Master Agreement.
For K-8, the subjects are Math, Science, PE, Social Studies, Language Arts (Reading/Writing/Grammar), and Enrichment (Art/music/foreign language/extra project).
For HS, there must be 1 sample/semester for each class listed on the Master Agreement.
PE samples: Only use the PE logs that you will get from your teacher.
Examples of Enrichment samples: artwork, foreign language, quiz/essay from extracurricular activity (horseback riding, camping…), or EXTRA work or projects for a core subject beyond the two samples for that subject (e.g., cursive practice for a 3rd grader).
K-12 Reader: writing, grammar, reading comp worksheets
Common Core Worksheets
K-8 Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Writing, Spelling, Foreign Languages…
Math, Reading/Writing, Social Studies /Foreign Language, Arts for TK – HS