Becoming a Vendor for us! 

Getting connected and paying for classes through our Purchasing System saves everyone time!
If you have a favorite educational provider of services — be it piano lessons, math tutoring, art classes or other exciting opportunities to fulfill your child’s educational goals, then ask that they become a PCI Vendor.

Please pass along the following URL:

This is where one goes to become part of our family of vendors!



VVCP students are given an allowance through which to purchase goods and services to meet educational goals.   NOTE: Updated guidelines will be posted later in the summer, when they become available.


Parents must wait until July 1 to purchase items for reimbursement.
Any receipts dated prior to July 1, 2019 will NOT be reimbursed.
Any deposits paid prior to July 1 will not be reimbursed.
Any early-bird payments made prior to July 1 will not be reimbursed.
Any services provided prior to the start of school on August 12 will not be reimbursed.



Click here to search for a vendor of services (classes, tutoring, etc).

No services may be provided to students prior to the first day of school on August 12.
All August VCI Purchase Orders must specify that the first day of service is no earlier than August 12, 2019.
No PO’s will be sent to vendors until after July 1.


We have vendors who offer classes online.  Recommended online classes include:

Athena’s Advanced Academy –

Brave Writer

No longer a vendor = Outschool  must be contracted directly by you.  You can be reimbursed after the end of the class.  In spring, only classes that have begun by April 3 will be considered for reimbursement.

Educational Material Resources (EMR)

The following are companies that provide educational materials,
and who are in our system as vendors,
which means that your teacher can place these orders for you directly (no need for reimbursement!). This list is not even close to exhaustive, but these are some of the most-used and recommended suppliers.

In just a few cases, it will save you a little money to pay yourself and get reimbursed (Sometimes free shipping, or reduced rates for families).  But the Purchase Order process is the easiest for accounting purposes — for you and for the school — with no up-front cost to you.

Note that a few of these companies will offer Christian or other sectarian books, so please be mindful that you don’t order something for which we cannot pay.
Textbook Publishers are not included on this list, but companies like Scott Foresman are part of our vendors, so that we can order textbooks for you directly — all as a part of the student”s budget allowance.

Your teacher can generate Purchase orders for the upcoming school year, starting on August 1.   Your teacher can pre-order some curriculum in July, for those items you need to have on hand starting the first day of school.  Parent purchase of materials for returning students (for reimbursement) can begin as early as July 1.  If you are new to VVCP, your purchasing can begin on August 1.

Subscription (items sent/provided by the month):

(Note that subscriptions can only be ordered or reimbursed through the end of the school year, never beyond that.)
These prices are APPROXIMATE and subject to change:

World & USA-  6-Month Plan- $95.70 + $20 Ship
Early Explorers  (TK-3) –  6-Mon- $107.70 + $20 Ship
Science Expeditions (age 9+) –  6-Mon- $125.70 + $24 Ship

General Supplies/Art/ daily workbooks

Books and Literary studies:

Language Arts:

SCIENCE/math Materials:

**A Christian company; you may need to call them, to insure that you order NON-SECTARIAN books only