CAASPP Testing

A tremendous thank you to all the families who made the effort to get to the testing sites thus far; and the students who applied their skills to complete these assessments!

Our goal is to reach 95% participation – a figure that is very important in our accountability to the state and to our authorizer. However, we cannot do this without your support. If you have missed a testing day or did not complete all the tests (Grades 3-8 & 11), there will be makeups in Pleasant Hill. Talk to your teacher as soon as possible to make arrangements.



We have one excursion left for this school year: a Demonstration Event at The Crucible on Thursday, May 16th.   If you are signed up, you will be notified by email soon.  If you are not signed up, you can contact Lorraine ( to see if there are any last-minute openings.

Also: if you have any suggestions for SPEE next year, we’d love to hear your ideas!


Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) & Outdoor Education

Our final PAC meeting of the year will be held on May 15th @ 10 AM via ZOOM. Our guest speaker will be Jason Sanders from Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program.
YES, for those who have been waiting to hear, we have a trip planned for early fall! Zoom link will be sent via email 5/15 (or contact your teacher).


Middle & High School News
Jennifer McInerney, High School Dean

We have had a busy and productive spring semester! It is hard to believe we are closing out another year so soon. I’d like to thank all the parents, students and teachers who have participated in workshops and counseling sessions this semester. I have enjoyed meeting with you and learning about the thriving programs our students are building. Your dedication is inspiring and keeps our school progressive and relevant!
– ADVISING SESSION for individual students.
If you missed the sign-ups or need additional assistance, please contact me (Jennifer) directly for office hours.

 A SPECIAL THANKS! I’d like to recognize 11th grader Katie Fang, Executive Editor, and her team: Ashley, Sinclaire, Jonah and Sarim for organizing and successfully launching our first-ever student newsletter. On behalf of our community, we thank you for providing an opportunity to bring us together.
Check out the link to read the 2nd edition of our VVCP STUDENT NEWSLETTER: Created by our VVCP students, for our VVCP students. Debates, recipes, fashion tips, stories, and more!  

VVCP Outstanding Student Scholarship Winners.
Graduation is May 22nd! We want to acknowledge the students selected for the VVCP Outstanding Student Scholarships. Three students have been selected whose applications demonstrated particular evidence of our Student Learning Outcomes. Each student will be presented with an award and a $500 check at graduation.
Tyler Adkison- Outstanding Academic Achievement
Jasmine Amaya- Outstanding Community Participant
Sinclaire Sauer- Outstanding Socially Savvy Communicator

Juniors, if you have not yet taken the ACT or SAT, summer is a great time to prep! Review upcoming dates and sign up to test using the following links.

*SAT: Register Directly

*ACT: Register Directly

*Pre-ACT Workshop- May 17th 2-3 pm Via ZOOM- We will review the data and explore next steps. (open to test-takers only- link will be sent directly to you)

Last by not least: Our seniors will be honored at a graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 22. Contact your teacher for time and place!



While this year’s virtual math and science classes are coming to the semester’s conclusion, the tentative schedule for next fall is available. Contact your teacher for details, if you have not yet seen the flyer. These classes are open to students in middle and high school.


Science Corner by Laurie Bradshaw

These past couple of months a small committee has been looking at and evaluating science curriculum for K-5th grades. With the Next Generation Science Standards, our rubric in hand, and homeschoolers in mind, we are one step closer to a selection, with a goal of deciding so one will know before fall ordering and leaving for summer break. Watch for the coming announcement! There will be written materials, hands-on-equipment, and literature tie ins. Finally, science materials that I do not have to write!

  • Check out these science resources from National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Click on the hyper links below and open the selected link. Once there, click on the bright blue icon in the upper right-hand corner that reads “View this Resource.” Each of the lessons are different and provide a wealth of already tried out materials. The Pushes & Pulls selection includes NGSS lessons for K-5! The Circuits and Electricity has activities and resources for 4th-8th grades. The middle school resource is from Middle School Chemistry from the American Chemical Society. The final link is a lesson plan for a Physics Calorimetry Lab.
  • Grades K–2: Push Pull-Changing Direction
  • Grades 3–5: Circuits and Electric Light
  • Grades 6–8:  Heat, Temperature, and Conduction
  • Grades 9–12: Physics Calorimetry Lab

Here are some suggested non-fiction reading picture books for elementary students. Maybe request them at your local library.



For additional information on Pacific Charter Institute and our sister schools, go to

the PCI website at:

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