Valley View Charter Prep is proud of its partnership with the California Charter Schools Association. Since our school’s founding, CCSA has provided operational support through research, expertise, funding information, and sample documentation. Moreover, their advocacy locally and statewide for charter schools and the students they serve is foundational to the existence of schools like Valley View. The association provides direct advocacy to state legislators and local governments to promote charter school student needs.

However, CCSA advocacy for Valley View would be inconsequential without your support. Your decision to choose Valley View is an important way you show your backing of our unique model of education. Another, more direct way to show your commitment is to come to a charter school rally! Periodically CCSA organizes such events to show legislators that publicly funded education can take many different forms and meet student need in a variety of ways.

Such an event is planned this month on March 13 at the state capital. The “Stand for All Students Rally”
will include inspirational speakers, special guests and student performances. Several Valley View staff and families are going to the rally. If you are interested in attending, please contact your Independent Study Teacher as soon as possible and sign up with CCSA at the following link:

If you cannot attend, there will be more rallies in the future. Our commitment (and that of CCSA) for parent educational decision-making will assure a strong voice into the future. Likewise, your support, whether at a rally or in your community is vitally important. Thank you for choosing Valley View and supporting personalized education.

Happy Learning,

John Mittan, Director
Valley View Charter Prep
Pacific Charter Institute
Mailing Address: 2453 Grand Canal Blvd., Stockton, CA 95207



High School News (Middle school, too!)

Has anyone seen February? I think it just flew by!!! (Thank you for humoring my cheesy joke!)

As we move into our final 3 months of the school year, there are several opportunities to connect and support your planning for next year.  All Zoom workshops and presentations will be recorded if you are unable to attend. 
Pre-ACT: 3/19 & 3/21-Emails have been sent directly to families in grades 10-11 with more information and details.  RSVP for details.

–Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) All parents welcome.  3/20 @ 10 AM via Zoom- link to be sent directly. Topic: Curriculum suggestions and recommendations for fall planning. 

–Middle School Orientation: 3/26 Parents of 5th and 6th grade students please join us to learn more about the transitions and opportunities available in middle school! Zoom Link will be sent directly to parents.

Dual Enrollment 10  and Other Summer opportunities: 3/29 from 2-3 PM: What is the BUZZ about community college? Plus, what is on your agenda for summer? We have some tips to help you plan. Join us and find out!

College Planning for Juniors & Seniors 3/29 2-3 PM. If you missed our presentation in January, please join us!! Get you plans lined up summer. Seniors who are interested in transfer pathways should also attend!

–Valley View Outstanding Student Scholarship Applications DUE 4/5: Applications will be sent directly to seniors! Attendance at graduation required.

High School Orientation 4/2: Rising 8th and new 9th graders and their parents are encouraged to attend the orientation to learn more about our unique high school program and how we partner to help your child achieve his or her goals. This information will be used to maximize and personalized, individual counseling meetings. Zoom- link to be sent directly to staff and parents

Spring Academic Advising 4/4- 5/6: Open to rising 9-11th graders-Meet with me regionally or online to develop your unique high school program. Sign up link sent directly to parents. 

Graduation 5/22- preparation is in the works- information sent directly to families.


I am looking forward to a very productive spring and being able to connect with each of you in one way or another!  

Jennifer McInerney, High School Dean




Science Corner

The second area of the NGSS triangle are the Crosscutting concepts found below. A quote taken from the Framework (see book below) mentions that

“Crosscutting concepts have value because they provide students with connections and intellectual tools that are related across the differing areas of disciplinary content and can enrich their application of practices and their understanding of core ideas.”

Here is a video that helps us as teachers and parent-teachers to understand the concepts (about 6 minutes)

  • 1. Patterns. Observed patterns of forms and events guide organization and classification, and they prompt questions about relationships and the factors that influence them.
  • 2. Cause and effect: Mechanism and explanation. Events have causes, sometimes simple, sometimes multi-faceted. A major activity of science is investigating and explaining causal relationships and the mechanisms by which they are mediated. Such mechanisms can then be tested across given contexts and used to predict and explain events in new contexts.
  • 3. Scale, proportion, and quantity. In considering phenomena, it is critical to recognize what is relevant at different measures of size, time, and energy and to recognize how changes in scale, proportion, or quantity affect a system’s structure or performance.
  • 4. Systems and system models. Defining the system under study—specifying its boundaries and making explicit a model of that system—provides tools for understanding and testing ideas that are applicable throughout science and engineering.
  • 5. Energy and matter: Flows, cycles, and conservation. Tracking fluxes of energy and matter into, out of, and within systems helps one understand the systems’ possibilities and limitations.
  • 6. Structure and function. The way in which an object or living thing is shaped and its substructure determine many of its properties and functions.
  • 7. Stability and change. For natural and built systems alike, conditions of stability and determinants of rates of change or evolution of a system are critical elements of study.

A Framework for K–12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas, Appendix G

Here are some activities that you might like to try this month with your students!

Check out these NGSS@NSTA Classroom Resources vetted by NSTA teacher curators. This week’s focus is physical science:



Calling all families!  Below are two ways to get involved in our school:


Parent Advisory Committee ( PAC )

Our next PAC meeting will be held
Wednesday, March 20th @ 10 AM!
We will be discussing courses and curriculum choices for the 2019/2020 school year.



All Pacific Charter Institute charter schools and families are invited to participate at
the “Stand for All Students” rally
at our State Capitol sponsored by the California Charter School Association
on Wednesday, March 13th.
The rally, the FIRST of its kind at the state Capitol, will let our legislature know how important charter schools are to the educational options for our students in California!

UPDATE: We have exceeded our (PCI’s) participation expectations! You are still welcome to attend the rally on your own by registering though the CCSA site:​

Let’s come together to support school choice & parent voice!
(Or you can ask your IST for more details.)


VVCP Field trips
All field trips for this school year are now full.
If you are signed up, you will receive an email soon.
Take a look at the SPEE tab for specifics on the remaining field trips.

Contact Lorraine at if you have any concerns or questions.



Calling Art Lovers in the Concord Area:

One of our Vendors who did a SPEE in September is teaching a special art history class called “Masterpiece Mondays”. Sign up on



For additional information on Pacific Charter Institute and our sister schools, go to

the PCI website at:

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