FEBRUARY 2019 Newsletter

Dear Valley View Parent,

Valley View Charter Prep’s focus
on personalized education naturally leads to a more
collaborative approach between our parents and staff. In fact,
one of our schools’ greatest strengths is parent engagement in
educational decision-making. Unlike the traditional model of
education of thirty students in a classroom with one teacher,
VVCP partners with parents to support student needs and
strengths through a differentiated, one-to-one independent
study model. So, when Valley View is asked to demonstrate
parent engagement as a publicly funded school, it is at once
natural and a little counter intuitive. 

Such is the case with our Local
Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). You may recall that
California has adopted a new school funding law called the
Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF.) The LCFF requires school
districts to involve parents in planning and decision-making
as well as in developing Local Control and Accountability
Plans (LCAPs). 

The LCAP is required to address
several things:

Requires school districts to
focus on the eight key areas that help all students succeed

Provides extra funding for
students with greater challenges

Gives districts more
flexibility for how to spend its money to improve local

As you would expect, Valley
View’s LCAP highlights parent engagement. As a result, we have
increased our efforts to provide opportunities for stakeholder
engagement. An example of this can be seen in our school
sponsored field trips to places like Rosie the Riveter,
Presidio Archeological Dig, Mission San Francisco Solano,
Lindsay Wildlife Experience, Guide Dogs for the Blind,
Blackhawk Museum, Exploratorium, and Asian Art Museum (to name
a few!) 

Parent engagement is also
highlighted in our efforts to support a Parent Advisory
Committee. PAC meetings are open to all Valley View parents.
Our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) will host its first
meeting of the new year in March. If you are
interested in attending the online meeting please contact
Jennifer McInerney
, VVCP High School Dean, at
jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org for further assistance.

Happy Learning,

John Mittan, Director



Parent Advisory
Committee ( PAC )

Our next PAC
meeting will be held

Wednesday, March 20th @ 10 AM!

We will be discussing courses and curriculum choices for
the 2019/2020 school year.


Field trips
for the spring. (Student/Parent Enrichment Excursion)

There are no SPEE’s planned for February.

For the remainder of the school year, most of
our excursions are already set up and filled. There remains room
for the Point Bonita trip on April 10.

Take a look at the SPEE tab for details.

Contact Lorraine at lurfer@valleyviewcharter.org
if you have any concerns or questions.



with our dean, Jennifer McInerney

( jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org

If you
missed our Next Steps in College Planning in January,
please contact me directly for a link to the recording!

VVCP will host a practice ACT in
two locations in March! All 10th and 11th grade students
are welcome to attend either the Berkeley location or
the Pleasant Hill location. .

When: Tues,
March 19th/Pleasant Hill


Wed, March 21st/ Berkeley.

Both locations will begin at 10 AM and finish by 2 PM.

Please RSVP directly to
jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org for locations and


–Already prepped and ready
to test? Sign up for the ACT or SAT at a location near

ACT: Register directly @


SAT: https://account.collegeboard.org/login/login?idp=ECL&DURL=https%3A//nsat.collegeboard.org/satweb/login.jsp&affiliateId=signup%7Caccepted-everywhere-ca&bannerId=hero%7Cregister-now

College Enrollment:

Now that college classes are
in full swing, please forward a copy of your current
enrollments to jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org.
Fees cannot be reimbursed until courses appear on the
students’ records.

Sonoma State:
Cancelled due to low interest.

May 22nd 11:30-2:30
PM  St Andrews Church, Pleasant Hill. There is a
mandatory rehearsal prior to the ceremony. Actual
ceremony time might be adjusted for our seniors who will
be taking finals at DVC. Thank you for your flexibility.
We will keep you posted!

Counseling Sessions / Regional counseling

sessions will be available for students 8-11 in April and
May. Keep a look out for Sign Ups in March.


Calling for Student Newsletter

The VVCP Student Newsletter Editors
ALL VVCP students to join our 2nd issue.

We will have a special section for any type of writing on any topic (except religion, gender
identity, politics, or other controversial issues).
We welcome poems, short stories, essays, biographies,
narratives, research papers, journal entries, comics, etc.
It can be something you accomplished at home or worked on
for a class. Word limit is flexible, and pictures or photos
can be included. If you are interested, please email us
before March 20 at



with Laurie Bradshaw

As promised, I will continue to
unpack the Next Generation Science Standards. The topic for
discussion will be the 8 scientific practices. These are the
skills that are to be developed. As you will see, these
practices are not just a list of random facts to memorize.
Students will be scientists and engineers.

Science and Engineering

  • Asking Questions and
    Defining Problems. …
  • Developing and Using
    Models. …
  • Planning and Carrying Out
    Investigations. …
  • Analyzing and Interpreting
    Data. …
  • Using Mathematics and
    Computational Thinking.
  • Constructing Explanations
    and Designing Solutions. …
  • Engaging in Argument from
    Evidence. …
  • Obtaining, Evaluating, and
    Communicating Information. …

Look at the list. Do you see these
practices in your science classes? When looking for
materials, do you recognize these skills imbedded? In order
to help you take one step closer to the NGSS, look below at
the list of STEM recommendations from NSTA.

This is just in from NSTA
(National Science Teachers Association). Below is an awesome
list of STEM activities to check out. This list includes Ted
Talks, NASA for Kids, Exploratorium, Maker Club and many
more. This is such a rich resource of information for
inquiring minds.


Also, check out this website to see
astronauts reading books from space!


Until next month, please reach me
at laurie.bradshaw@valleyviewcharter.org.


Calling Art Lovers in
the Concord Area:

One of our Vendors who
did a SPEE in September is starting a special art class
called “Masterpiece Mondays”. Sign up on www.kimberlyvotaw.com.
The next class is February 11.





For additional information on Pacific Charter Institute
and our sister schools, go to

the PCI website at:   http://www.pacificcharters.org/


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