November 2018 Newsletter

Valley View is committed to supporting parent choice in educational decision-making. To that end, we recognize the use of discretionary funds to be an elemental part of building a more collaborative school. However, along with our adopted curriculum, we also support several school purchased online resources to support student learning. Below is a brief description of these offerings. A more thorough description of these resources can be found in the “Online Learning Programs” link on our wordpress blog.

Happy Learning,

John Mittan, Director

Exact Path–  Exact Path creates an individualized learning plan based on NWEA MAP outcomes. These plans, with imbedded lessons, are automatically set up to help your child fill in any holes in his/her knowledge for math and reading.  They are presented in a format meant to engage and reward.

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Reading Eggs–  Reading Eggs is a fun, interactive format where 3-7-year olds can learn how to read by participating in games, hearing fun songs, and completing challenges to earn prizes.

Math Seeds– Math Seeds teaches students aged 3-8 core math and problem-solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly structured, interactive, and rewarding lessons.

Study Island– Study Island’s data-driven standards mastery programs are built to help K-12 students master state standards and improve performance in core and elective curriculum areas.

GoMath– GoMath provides students with age appropriate sets for skills practice, over 700 video lessons, step by step visual aids, tips and tutorials.

The WhiteBox Learning System– WhiteBox engages your students in the complete STEM Engineering design process. As the world’s only “Integrated-STEM” Learning system, WHITEBOX LEARNING is a completely web-based, standards-based applied STEM learning system that allows your students to build, analyze, and simulate their designs virtually, hundreds of times, before building their physical models.

Gizmos– Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations for grades 3-12. They help students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through inquiry and exploration.


High School News

Believe it or not we are half way through the fall semester and it is time to think about spring scheduling! Regional counseling sessions are scheduled for November. Please check with your teacher for the Sign Up Genius Link to reserve your spot. Spaces are filling fast!  Don’t see a spot available in your area? Please contact me directly.  During our staff meeting in November, teachers will be provided with drafts of current transcripts and forms for planning and schedule requests. Be sure to check in with your IST during November and December meetings to review these records.
–Jennifer McInerney


Office Hours
Dedicated office hours for seniors will be held Mondays from 8-10 or by appointment. 

Check Sign Up Genius Link for In Person 1-1 counseling sessions!

Fall College Fairs:

Thank you to those who joined me for Transfer Day at DVC. I love making the rounds, talking with admission reps and learning about amazing opportunities for transfer students!

If you couldn’t make it out to the fall college fairs, be sure to check out College Week Live:

This is a great resource for tons of information on all things college-bound!


Important TEST Dates:

PSAT– If you took PSAT with us in October, your scores will be available in early December. I will host a Next Steps in College Planning meeting for juniors  January 22nd via Zoom. An email with the Zoom link will be sent directly to 11th graders.

Pre ACT: VVCP will host a practice ACT in April 2019. 10th and 11th grade students are welcome to attend. This will be held in Pleasant Hill.

ACT: Register directly:




Available courses affected??:
A Note About SB 705 and Dual enrollment

Historically 50% of Valley View high school students are completing graduation requirements at local community colleges. On average, seniors graduate having completed 8 college courses. We are proud of our students’ achievement and value our partnerships with the community colleges.  Last January a new bill was passed that may impact our students’ access to college courses for graduation requirements.

SB 705 was put into effect in January of 2018 and will be put into full effect by fall of 2019. AB 705 requires community college districts to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in math and English within a one-year time frame by utilizing assessment measures that include high school performance to achieve this goal. What this means is that students will no longer have a wide access to remedial courses in preparation for higher level transferable courses in English and math. Additionally, multiple measures including (a) High school coursework (b) High school grades and standardized assessments (c) High school grade point average will be used to evaluate student’s readiness to complete college level coursework. Remedial courses and supportive measures will become limited for dually enrolled students.

VVCP will continue to build high quality programs to ensure that students meet college readiness prior to matriculation. Whether students plan to enter the workforce, transfer or directly apply to a 4 yr college, it is imperative that we are supporting students’ progress towards  grade-level standards.


Concurrent College Enrollment 

If you are enrolled in a college course, please send confirmation of courses of grades to Courses must be recorded on the transcripts as In Progress in order to receive credit and process reimbursements.
If you are taking courses this spring, be sure to fill out the form and send it directly to me. I will sign and return it to you.


College Applications
All seniors, please schedule a meeting with Mrs McInerney directly for guidance throughout the process. We can identify a list of schools, create personal statements, and receive help with financial aid.  Dedicated office hours for seniors will be held Mondays from 8-10 or by appointment.

If you are continuing at the local community college, YOU NEED TO RE-APPLY as a matriculated student. Applications are now available for next fall.


Parent Advisory Committee

Our next PAC Meeting will be held November 28th– Topic: Supplemental Learning Programs.  For more information, contact Mrs McInerney @


Science Corner

I just got back from the National Science Teachers Association conference in Reno. This was a great time to network and come back with new resources to help our students. Here are 3 recommendations that were new to me: Go to this link to find the annual list of great science trade books. These books have been vetted for good science content. Not every science book that is written is accurate. These are. Take these lists to your local library. The American Chemical Society offers free resources for middle school educators. There are 6 units with videos for the teacher, detailed lesson plans and hands-on curriculum. I went to 3 sessions since the presenter was fabulous! Check into the science competitions for students K-12. There are opportunities to win prizes with Cybervision and ExploraVision.

The science committee, which includes me, is on the hunt for homeschool friendly, Next Generation Science Standards-based material. We are looking at one line currently. In fact, I will bring the TPS materials to the monthly staff meeting. The link is I have materials for K, 1, 2, 3, and 5th graders. If you might be willing to use the material and give some honest feedback, please contact me at as soon as possible. I want to make sure that your teacher receives the materials at our next staff meeting.

This is all for now! I will have another helpful column next month!

Laurie Bradshaw


Upcoming Field Trips: November and December

We have a few Student/Parent Enrichment Excursions coming up soon. Signups are closed for all the outings in November and December:

Lindsay Wildlife Museum, on Friday, November 16.
Guide Dogs for the Blind, on Friday, November 30.

In December, we are privileged to have 2 outings to the
Exploratorium during the final week of the semester – one on December 18, and the other on December 20. Both of these were filled up in less than 48 hours of announcing them! And a third one, set for January 16, is also full.

If you are signed up for any of the 5 dates mentioned above for November and December (as well as the Jan 16 field trip), you will receive emails the week before the event with details, or you can contact Lorraine directly with any questions (

Walnut Creek on Ice is on December 12. It’s too late to have funds taken directly from your budgets, but you can ask your teacher for details about joining in the fun.

Upcoming Field Trips: 2nd Semester

SPEE opportunities this spring include the following:

–Blackhawk Museum (Danville) This is almost full.

–Asian Art Museum (San Francisco) “Stories from China” for Gr K-6
1 hour class on “Stories from China”. Families may roam the museum afterward, as well. Prepare for your visit by checking out this video with your students: For additional activities, visit Search by keyword and filter by type of activity.

–Eugene O’Neill Home/National Historical Site (Danville) Tours of this historic home: one for Junior Rangers (Gr K-5), and one for the older students (Gr 6-12).

–School Train & California Railroad Museum (Sacramento)** This program gives students the experience of riding aboard the Sacramento Southern Railroad in vintage cars along the Sacramento River. Knowledgeable docents explain about train travel during this 50-minute roundtrip. Afterward, we have reservations to enter the California Railroad Museum for free as a group.

–Point Bonita Lighthouse (Marin Headlands)
Includes a history walk of 2 miles round trip taking about 2-2 1/2 hours, with talks on the history of the Golden Gate & its importance in history both economically and militarily. Also, a tour of the lighthouse.

–Crucible (Oakland)**
The Crucible is a nonprofit arts education center that fosters a collaboration of arts, industry, and community. Demonstrations will be in areas such as glass flame working, blacksmithing and bicycles, and more!

Please look closely at the descriptions for these, and be mindful of the dates not only of the outing itself but also of the deadlines for signing up (go to the SPEE tab, above).

**All these SPEE’s are free except the School Train and the Crucible.



We are still looking to creat a student newsletter for our charter school. Currently, we are already anticipating 10 articles, and we are hoping more columnists can join us. We would love to have you on our team! Not only will the newsletter be fun and educational, but it will also bring our community closer together.

Our goal is to publish our first issue before the Thanksgiving holiday and two additional issues later in the school year.

Currently, there are 4 sections in our student newsletter, and columnists can choose any of the first 3 sections to write their articles for:

1. Arts

2. Hobbies

3. Tips, Humor, & News

4. Writer’s Spotlight – This section is open to any student who would like to publish their compositions. It can be a story you wrote in your free time or a formal essay from an English class. More information on how to submit your compositions will be sent out in a separate email.

Newsletter columnists do not have to be in high school. (For example, a 5th grader can write a brief tip on how to memorize all the state capitals.) However, a high school student, serving as an editor, will be in charge of each of these 4 sections. The editor will supervise all the columnists under his or her section. As a columnist, you will turn in your draft to your section’s editor, and he or she will help you with the revision process–your article will be proofread and refined a few times before it is published on our newsletter website.

We hope many of you will discuss with you parents and consider joining this adventure! No experience is required. We will all learn together! If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Student Newsletter Editors




For additional information on Pacific Charter Institute and our sister schools, go to

the PCI website at:

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