MAY 2018 Newsletter

Dear Valley View Parent,

As the academic year comes to a close, I want to acknowledge the hard work of our staff, as well as our parent educators. We are fortunate to have a community committed to creating a school focused on each student’s greatest potential.

Once CASSPP testing is over and graduation is celebrated, staff will take a much-needed break for the summer. However, I have no doubt that their thoughts will turn to next year and continuing the work of serving students and families in the most individual way possible.

Knowing this makes me excited for the year to come and the possibilities it holds for each of us. Perhaps the most exciting part of re-accreditation this year was the opportunity to hear the drive to refine how our students are served. This collective drive of all our stakeholders is unique in education and portends great future success for Valley View.

Happy Learning

John Mittan, Director
Valley View Charter Prep, Pacific Charter Institute
Mailing Address: 2453 Grand Canal Blvd, Ste 1; Stockton, CA 95207


A tremendous thank you to all the families who made the effort to get to the testing sites, and the students who applied their skills to completion of these assessments!

As we are nearing our goal of 95% participation – a figure that is very important in our accountability to the state and to our authoriser – we still have work to do.

If you have not yet completed all the tests (Grades 3-8 & 11), please contact your teacher right away, and ask how you can help. There will be makeup tests next week (May 8-10): from 10-2 on Tuesday in Berkeley, and in Pleasant Hill, we will be test on Wednesday and Thursday. Talk to your teacher as soon as possible to make arrangements.


One last Student/Parent Enrichment Excursion will be on May 8. If you are signed up, you should have received an email this past week with the details.

If you want to go on field trips next school year, you can help us by suggesting places that are free, or require student payments only. We are in a position where we cannot pay for adults, so those SPEE’s that require group payment for everyone (like a ferry to Alcatraz) just do not work for us.

Send your ideas to Lorraine over the summer.
Please include your “Best” and “Not Available” days. Most SPEE’s will be planned on Mondays or Fridays, unless many of you state a preference for midweek.

We will hopefully have a tentative schedule in time for the August Parent Fair!



Mrs Bridget Aronsen is holding a BOOK CLUB for these last few weeks of school.

MIDDLE SCHOOL: We are reading “The Miracle Worker”.

HIGH SCHOOL: Reading “Our Town”.

We are ONLY READING the play together and discussing. (“Our Town”).


We would suggest, if you have time, to watch a You tube version of the play ( Not the movie).

There are a couple of great ones available. This will help you understand a bit about the story and the characters before we jump in to the reading.

If interested in either of these clubs, talk to your teacher,
or Mrs Aronsen at



Our next PAC meeting is 5/17 from 10-11:30.

Our guest speaker will be Jason from Alliance Redwoods. Jason will share details about our outdoor science camp planned for next fall!!

We are super excited to learn more about this opportunity for VVCP students!

In addition to the science camp, we have identified the following clubs to launch in the 2018 school year. We will share more information during the PAC meeting.

  • Book Club
  • Adventure Club
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Coding for Girls and Boys
  • Mu Alpha Theta

CALL YOUR TEACHER FOR THE ZOOM LINK for this meeting, or contact Jennifer @


College Prep Testing


6/2- Last Day to Register 5/3- ( Late Registration 5/23)


6/9- Last Day to Register 5/4

Concurrent Enrollment Forms-
As we head into summer hour, please plan ahead by sending in your concurrent enrollment forms for signatures. DON”T DELAY! Summer registration will open for high schoolers next week, in most cases.

Forms should be sent (asap) directly to

High School Schedules:
Virtual Classes: Currently Enrolling for Fall 2018!! See your teacher for course details!

Courseloads for Fall: In preparation for next year, please be sure to discuss the course recommendations that were sent to your homeroom teacher. With the exception of college courses, schedules should be finalized prior to summer break.


5/23- Graduation Reminder: Mandatory Rehearsal 12:30- Ceremony 2 PM Shrine Event Center, 170 Lindbergh Ave, Livermore, CA 94551Livermore.

Everyone in the school is invited to come join in the graduation celebration!


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