FEBRUARY 2018 Newsletter

Dear Valley View families:

In February, you will receive your child’s fall-to-winter NWEA MAP scores. These results will be reported on the ‘Goal-setting Worksheet’ given to you by your IST.  Included in this worksheet are fall-to-winter RIT score results shown in two separate bar graphs.  Student MAP testing results are reported in RIT scores (short for Rasch Unit). The RIT score is an estimation of a student’s instructional level and measures student progress or growth in school.

Also included in this worksheet are strand scores for reading and math. These strand scores are highlighted in green (relative area of strength), yellow (relative area of need), and no highlight. If you have questions about this report or want to access more information, please consult your IST. They can provide you with a fuller report called the ‘Student Profile’ which provides a deeper analysis of strand results and a prescription you can use to address areas of need.

On another note, as a publicly funded charter school that serves homeschool families, we are constantly under threat by aggressive anti-charter legislation aimed at restricting our ability to serve you. In response, Pacific Charter Institute, our parent organization, is partnering with the advocacy arm of the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) to advocate for Valley View. This partnership is called “Charter Nation.” Its purpose is to engage our school stakeholders when legislative threats present themselves.

In the coming weeks you will receive a letter regarding this partnership and information about opting-out (if you so choose).  I encourage each of you to become part of the advocacy of our school. In doing so, you support the flexible, innovative model that makes us such a great community. If you have any questions regarding CCSA’s Charter Nation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy learning,

John Mittan, Director

Valley View Charter Prep

John Mittan, Director



High School Reminders

 (There is a LOT going on!!!!) 

Important Dates:  (More information to follow via email to affected high schoolers.)

SAT/ACT- College Prep Testing

2/9- LAST Day to register for March 10th SAT

3/9- LAST Day to register for April 14thth ACT

4/2- Pre- ACT (10th and 11th grade only) – JFKU- Pleasant Hill

5/14-18- AP Exams ( Location TBD )


High School/ Middle School Planning

2/28- 10:30-12 PM  College and Career Planning for Juniors and their Parents (WC Library and Zoom)

  • Meet in the Las Trampas Room at the Walnut Creek Library: 1644 N Broadway, WC.
  • RSVP: Jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org

3/2- Individual regional academic counseling, Fridays: March 2, 9, 16, 30  Sign Ups via email

4/4- Middle School Orientation (Zoom)- Ideal for 5th and 6th grade parents

4/11- High School Orientation  (Zoom)- Ideal for 8th and newer 9th graders


College Tours and Presentations

3/23- Contra Costa College Tour and Presentation (transfer and career programs)

RSVP to jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org

4/20- UC Berkeley Tour and Admissions Presentation

RSVP to jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org



2/28- Senior profile, survey, diploma order forms due

3/2- FAFSA Due: https://fafsa.ed.gov/

5/23- Graduation!! 11:30 Shrine Event Center, Livermore



Jennifer McInerney, High School Dean,  jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org


WASC: Community Involvement

One of our stated goals at Valley View is for students to learn how to get involved in their community.  However you define your “community”: could be neighborhood events, Scout troops, swim team, homeschool coop/support group, or a social club, we would love to get photos or stories on how your children interact with their community.

What we will do with this: We are making a collage bulletin board that will show the WASC (accreditation committee) just how much our kids do in order to learn about their world.

Send pictures and stories that demonstrate how your students are getting involved and interacting with their community to your IST this week, if you can.

Stay tuned for more information from your IST as to how else you can contribute to this process.

Thank you for all you do!




Read on – note the deadlines . . . .


SPEE #13: EBMUD’s Valle Vista Outdoor Education Class.  Tuesday, Feb 27, 9:30-12:00
Deadline has passed.


SPEE #12) Friday, 3/2/18: Old US Mint, 88 Fifth Street, San Francisco
TIME: 11:00-1:00 COST: FREE

LIMIT: 20 students GR: grades 3-12

DEADLINE: Feb 14, 2018, but it’s filling up fast — just 2 slots left!
Description: The Old U.S. Mint celebrates San Francisco history with a day full of FREE activities for schools, on Friday, March 2 only. Theme is Who Tells Your Story? Stories of the Old U.S. Mint, telling your own stories, and stories of San Francisco will be the main features of the day.


SPEE #14: Sulphur Creek Nature Center Class. This Field trip (Mar 19) is full.


SPEE #15: Tilden Botanical Gardens in Berkeley. Tues, April 3, from 10-11:30am
Deadline has passed.


SPEE #16:
Tuesday, 5/8/18: Jelly Belly Candy Factory, 1 Jelly Belly Ln, Fairfield
TIME: 10:00      COST: Free                    GR: All
DEADLINE: Apr 18, 2018   https://www.jellybelly.com/california-factory-tours
Self-guided tour.    And we plan to re-convene at a local Fairfield park for an informal park day/picnic time after the factory tour:

Vintage Green Valley Neighborhood Park

600 Vintage Valley Dr, Fairfield, CA 94534


If you have any questions about field trips, email Lorraine at lurfer@valleyviewcharter.org.
See SPEE Tab above, for details, deadlines, and sign-up forms!


Mousetrap Car Competition


Mousetrap Car Competition

In preparation for this racing competition, Laurie Bradshaw spoke with many families at the recent Parent Fairs!  If you spoke with her and gave her your contact info, she has sent out all the needed codes.

She will be sending out more details within in the next week or so.
If you need codes, please contact Laurie at

It is not too late to join the fun!  We hope to see many of you at the upcoming Mousetrap Car Tournament on March 12th.  Contact Laurie with your questions!

Happy Building!




SAVE THE DATE May 23rd 2018. All graduates are encouraged to attend.



Pacific Charter Institute

For much more information about our school, vendors, or Pacific Charter Institute, please see the PCI website at:   http://www.pacificcharters.org/

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