UPDATE: November 30

The December newsletter is just around the corner, but there is vital information that you should know even before that gets published.


If your student still has money in his/her account, this week is your last chance to get reimbursed for expenses for the fall semester.  All materials bought between August 14 and December 8 must be claimed by your teacher absolutely no later than Friday, December 8 (5pm).  The same goes for any classes you took in that same period.

If your student is in a class that doesn’t end until after December 8, you have through the end of December to submit that reimbursement request.

2Parent Reimb Req form 1718.
2017-2018 Student Budget Policy



2 )  SPEE.

If you have successfully signed up for these field trips, you will be notified via email:

DECEMBER:      The SPEE’s for December are Full. 
SPEE # 7: Water Treatment Plant (Dec 6)
SPEE # 8: Walnut Creek on Ice (Dec 13)

JANUARY:  These Field trips – both on Jan 9, 2018 – are full.
SPEE #9 (Intel) and #10 (NASA).
NOTE:  The times for these two have been switched:
The day will start out at NASA/Ames in Mountain View at 10:00,
and the
Intel classes will be 1:00-3:00 in Santa Clara.
Details will be emailed to those who are signed up.

classes: Intel= Circuitry workshop: Gr 4-5 and GIGO: Gr 6-12.
(Click for more details on the classes themselves, including pre-class activities.)


MARCH:  This Field trip on March 19, 2018 is full.
SPEE #14: Sulphur Creek Nature Center Class.


SPEE #12: Lawrence Science class has been canceled. Sorry, fifth graders.




This fun place for kids is full of educational adventure for the kiddos!  There is a special rate for homeschoolers.**
**Email Lorraine (lurfer@valleyviewcharter.org),  for a school letter for your registration with the Museum.  You won’t get the discount without this registration.

**Go here for directions on how to get enrolled as a homeschool family. Then you may go to the museum for just $8.00 per person (instead of the regular $15.00 admission rate) – on designated days — mostly, first Thursdays of thet months. This web link shows the exact dates (beginning Nov 2, 2017). You can apply for reimbursement (if you have funds) for your child’s admission cost.

To enjoy this venue with fellow students, we are designating a date for VVCP families to go on February 1, 2018. Let Lorraine know if you are interested in being on a shared contact list with other families. Emails are adequate. Include information (names, ages, parent name and/or contact info) that can be shared with other interested VVCP families.

This is not an organized group activity, so much as a suggested time for families to come together. We will maintain a list so that you can contact one another for carpooling, if you sign up, but no official staff will be at the venue with name tags or other planned activities.

ALSO IN FEBRUARY is an Outdoor Education class in Moraga.  Free and fun!  Next week’s newsletter will have full details.

AGAIN: If you have any questions about field trips,
email Lorraine at lurfer@valleyviewcharter.org.

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