November 2017


      National Geo Bee Parent Info

ATTENTION: all students in grades 4 – 8:

Valley View Charter Prep is sponsoring a local competition of the National Geographic Bee. The location & date are to be determined, but this will take place in the Walnut Creek/Concord area, sometime in mid-January.

How can students prepare for participation in the National Geographic Bee?

  • See the Study Corner area of the website (below) for geography activity ideas and study tips.
  • Purchase National Geographic atlases and Bee study books from the NG online store.
  • Take the online GeoBee Quiz.
  • Download the GeoBee Challenge App.

Here is a link to the Study Corner and Resources from the National Geographic website.

Now that learning records are complete and the bulk of fall ordering is done, we turn our attention to the upcoming WASC accreditation visit. It is a collective and individual endeavor. Collectively, staff, parents and students have been meeting in WASC focus groups to respond to ‘prompts’ or questions provided by WASC to refine our vision of Valley View. Individually, each staff member has embarked on a Professional Development Plan that identifies one of three school goals they would like to support between now and the end of the year. As you recall, our school goals (or Local Accountability Plan goals) are: 1. Support for academically struggling students, 2. Support for college and career readiness at the middle and high school level, and 3. Stakeholder engagement. Depending on roster, staff have chosen one of these goals to support. This support will be measured over time with the intent to better understand issues important to our school and better improve how we serve our families and students.
An outgrowth of our WASC focus group meetings is the identification of a need for a new set of parents for our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC.) The PAC is a parent led advisory group for Valley View Charter Prep. The group serves in an advisory capacity to identify areas of need for the school. Currently, the PAC is looking at ways to increase communication through our newsletter/blog. If you are interested in participating in Parent Advisory please contact our High School Dean, Jennifer McInerney at or speak with your IST.
Another outcome of our focus groups has been the need to provide students identified as English Language Learners with specific academic support. As Valley View looks to the spring semester, staff with English Language Learners will participate in training that supports our ELL students. Currently our parent organization, Pacific Charter Institute, is finalizing a training schedule. As we move to the 2nd Semester, I look forward to sharing more about these services.

Happy Learning,


John Mittan, Director

Valley View Charter Prep / Pacific Charter Institute

Mailing Address: 2453 Grand Canal Blvd., Stockton, CA 95207

Phone: 209-323-9624

FAX: 209-373-1191

Student/Parent Enrichment Excursions (aka field trips).
NOV:      All the SPEE’s for November are full:
SPEE # 5: Art Class (Nov 6 & 7)
SPEE # 6: Natural Bridges Monarch Butterfly tour (Nov 14)
SPEE #2 & 3: State Capitol/Railroad Museum (Nov 29)

If you think that you signed up for any of these, but have not received an email to verify, contact Lorraine as soon as possible.
Monarch                                                                         CalCapitol-Exterior

DEC:      The SPEE’s for December are set; if you are signed up, you will receive an email soon. If you have any questions on these two, contact Lorraine directly at
SPEE # 7: Water Treatment Plant (Dec 6)
SPEE # 8: Walnut Creek on Ice (Dec 13)



NOVEMBER 15: SPEE #9 – Tues, Jan 9, 2018 (9:00-11:00): Classes at INTEL Museum in Santa Clara.
– Tues, Jan 9, 2018 (12:30-4:00): Entry to NASA/Ames Research Ctr in Mountain View.

NOVEMBER 28: SPEE#14 – Monday, March 19, 2018 (10:45-11:45): Nature Class at Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward.

Click here for FT Information and Form.

DETAILS on upcoming SPEEs:

SPEE #9:INTEL MUSEUM Workshops for Gr 4-5, and for Gr 6-8. (Free)
Tuesday, 1/9/18: 9:00-11:00am: Intel Museum, 2200 Mission College Bl (Santa Clara)
These are classes in computing, and include a tour of the museum.

GRADE: Intel= Circuitry workshop: Gr 4-5 and GIGO: Gr 6-12.
(Click for more details on the classes themselves, including pre-class activities.)

DEADLINE: Nov 15, 2017
Docent tour of Intel Museum plus workshops: Min 8/Max 20 student for each class.
No mixing of grade levels. Younger children may come to tour museum with parents (though not as a part of the docent tour or classes), but be advised that they may get very bored in the 2 hour span.


SPEE #10: NASA-AMES Research Center (Free = all ages)
Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018 @
12:30pm: COST: Free
DEADLINE: Nov 15, 2017
This is a self-guided tour of the NASA/Ames Research center, following lunch, after our Intel experience. All ages welcome!

SPEE #12: Lawrence Science class has been canceled. Sorry, fifth graders.


SPEE #14: Sulphur Creek Nature Center, 1801 D St, Hayward   (Note the early deadline.)

TIME: 10:45-11:45        COST: $7.25/student      LIMIT: 30 students         GR: K-6

DEADLINE: Nov 29, 2017

Description: Tour Sulphur Creek and get close to the California wildlife that roams our creeks, hills, and forests. Become familiar with the opossum, coyote, hawk, raven, snake, toad, and more! Learn about their adaptations through discussion, observation, and interaction. Discover what habitat requirements animals need in order to survive on their own. Following the tour, you may picnic in the wooded Center. You are free to stay till closing at 5:00pm.

Activity pack  & class description      Sulphur Crk



This fun place for kids is full of educational adventure for the kiddos!  There is a special rate for homeschoolers.
Email Lorraine (,  if you want a school letter for your registration with the Museum.

Go here for directions on how to get enrolled as a homeschool family. Then you may go to the museum for just $8.00 per person (instead of the regular $15.00 admission rate) – on designated days — mostly, first Thursdays of thet months. This web link shows the exact dates (beginning Nov 2, 2017). You can apply for reimbursement (if you have funds) for your child’s admission cost.

To enjoy this venue with fellow students, we designating a date for VVCP families to go on February 1, 2018. Let Lorraine know if you are interested in being on a shared contact list with other families. Emails are adequate. Include information (names, ages, parent name and contact info) that can be shared with other interested VVCP families.

This is not an organized group activity, so much as a suggested time for families to come together. We will maintain a list so that you can contact one another for carpooling, if you sign up, but no official staff will be at the venue with name tags or other planned activities.

AGAIN: If you have any questions about field trips,
email Lorraine at




Here are some dates and reminders:

UC/CSU Applications due 11/30!

FAFSA Workshops available @

National Career Readiness Test for seniors November/December

Email Concurrent Enrollment Forms to

Spring College Tours:  TBD (Let us know where you’d like to go!)

Transcript Requests: email your request, including the address where you want the transcript sent to Allow 48 hrs.

Office Hours for Seniors: Mondays 10-12

Letters of Recommendation: email or call with your resume to schedule an appointment at least 7 days before your deadline!


We plan to do more tours of post-graduate institutes during the spring – the sooner, the better!
Included will be some specialty schools (such as Art or Culinary institutes), as well as four-year universities.

Stayed tuned for announcements, or you can be pro-active and contact our HS Dean, Jennifer McInerney, directly with your preferences. If you know of a school that would be of interest, you can let Jennifer know. If she cannot provide a school-based tour, she can let you know how to arrange a tour for yourself and your parents.
      (925) 323-1938

Pacific Charter Institute

For much more information about our school, vendors, or Pacific Charter Institute, please see the PCI website at:



Contact Cheryl Gomes ( for the specifics regarding these in-house, live, online courses.

All students: if you want help with math, Cheryl is available every Monday for free, personalized tutoring in various Bay Area libraries. Ask your teacher for times and places.


WASC.   Don’t forget: All stakeholders are welcome to join the discussions concerning improving our school, as we look closely at our program for the upcoming accreditation.  If you are interested in direct participation in this process, please contact John Mittan.

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