October, 2017

Dear Valley View Parent,
As we greet autumn, I am reminded of how busy the month of October can be. As one of the longest months of the year, positioned right in the middle of the fall semester, October is full of school-wide pushes.  Academic progress reporting is initiated, intervention based on NWEA Map scores begins, virtual Math and Science classes for middle and high school kicks off, and last but not least Project Lead the Way classes for K-5 students start.
Moving into fall, Valley View will conduct progress reporting. For our high school students who are preparing to transition to college these grades are particularly important because they become part of an official WASC accredited transcript. These transcripts are an essential part of the college application process. For K-8 students, grades developed through the work done at home become part of the cumulative file.
Now that NWEA MAP results have been disseminated, we turn our attention to progress monitoring for those students who demonstrate need. Cheryl Gomes, Valley View’s Math and intervention teacher, has produced a wonderful power point demonstrating the use of Study Island weekly assessment probes to support Math and Reading instruction. The ‘How To’ power point can be accessed on the VVCP home page at:
Lastly, If you have not had an opportunity to learn about our virtual/hybrid Math and Science classes for 6-12 grade, I encourage you to contact Cheryl Gomes at cgomes@valleyviewcharter.org or visit our course catalog at:
Likewise, Valley View’s STEM classes Project Lead The Way (PLTW) offers K-5 students a wonderful opportunity to delve into a structure science, math and engineering class led by one of our staff members. For further information, please contact Laurie Bradshaw at lbradshaw@valleyviewcharter.org .
John Mittan, Director
Valley View Charter Prep
Pacific Charter Institute
Mailing Address: 2453 Grand Canal Blvd., Stockton, CA 95207
Phone: 209-323-9624
FAX: 209-373-1191



1) PSAT:  We will offer the PSAT to current 10th and 11th graders on October 11th from 8:30-1 pm at JFK in Pleasant Hill.  If you have a conflict on this day but would like to take the test, please check with a local high school for the Saturday option.
The pre- ACT (PLAN) will be offered to 10th graders in the spring. Students are encouraged to sign up for both if they wish.
For more information about the test please check follow the link:
Please RSVP via email to Jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org

Together with our sister schools in the Sacramento area, we have scheduled several opportunities to tour colleges as a large group. There is no cost for these events and transportation  is NOT provided.
If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Jennifer
(jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org), who will add you to the list.
All attendees should plan to meet at the college admissions office 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tour where they will connect with the larger PCI group.
Cal Maritime Academy  10/6  Tour from @ 10:00am
UC Davis  10/20  Tour @ 10:00am
Sacramento State   11/3  Tour @ 11:00am
San Jose State   11/13 Tour @ 11:00am
Hope to see you there!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate: please ASK us.



SPEE (aka field trips).
We only have one Student/Parent Educational Excursion scheduled for October.  The deadline for the Smith Family Farm (Oct 23) has passed, and if you are signed up, you will be contacted soon about logistics.

We have four SPEE’s for November and two in December – take note of DEADLINES listed below.

5) Monday, 11/7/17: Alameda Art Lab, 1910A Encinal Ave, Alameda.
TIME: 10:00 till noon. COST: $20/student
LIMIT: 20 students (10 for Mosaic, plus 10 for Fused glass)   Mosaic Glass 20oz Value Pack
grades 3-8 (must be at least 8 years old)
http://www.alamedaartlab.com/    Deadline: Oct. 18.
Description: THIS IS A CLASS, not a field trip. Glass Art Workshop. Make either a fused glass suncatcher or a mosaic trivet/plaque, using glass cutting tools and grinders. Mosaic can be taken home same day: fused glass piece needs to be fired in a kiln and can be picked up the following week.

6) Tuesday, 11/14/17: Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz (Monarch Butterfly Tour)
TIME: 11:00-12:00   THIS SPEE is FULL.

2 & 3) California State Capitol and  California Railroad Museum 

Railroad Museum     THIS FIELD TRIP HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED, AND IT IS FULL. (They are officially “# 2 and # 3” because they were scheduled for October).
If your student is signed up for this SPEE, you should have already received an email regarding the new date and time.  If you have other questions on it, contact Lorraine.

7) Wednesday, 12/6/17: Water Treatment Plant EBMUD, 2020 Wake Av, Oakland       Deadline: Oct. 25.
TIME: 1:00-3:00pm COST: Free  LIMIT: 25 persons, including adults GR: grades 5-12
Description: Tour of wastewater plant. Designed to show the use of resources in our community and our responsibility as community members to be aware of our impact on the environment.
Be warned: This strenuous walking tour with guide lasts 2-3 hours, and involves strong odors. Special guidelines and pre-tour waivers apply.

8) Wednesday, 12/13: Walnut Creek on Ice, 1365 Civic Dr, Walnut Crk (Civic Park)
TIME: 12:00 thru 2:00     COST: $14/skater   Deadline: Oct. 25.
Parents/non-skaters can observe for free from the gallery. All Ages welcome.



DEADLINE: OCTOBER 18 is the last day to let us know of your intentions for
—-SPEE #5, an art class in Alameda.  If you think you would like to be a part of this class, but cannot make Tuesdays, please email Lorraine and we may be able to schedule a second class.

DEADLINE: OCTOBER 25 is the last day to sign up for
—-SPEE #7 (Water Treatment Plant), and for
—-SPEE #8 (Ice Skating).

If you want to be on a waiting list or have any other questions about field trips,
email Lorraine at lurfer@valleyviewcharter.org.


This fun place for kids is full of educational adventure for the kiddos!  There is a special rate for homeschoolers.  When the Museum posts its times and rules for this school year, these will be posted here in an update.  We are planning a date for you to go on one of these discount days, in February, 2018.  Stay tuned for details.


PCI:  For much more information about our school, vendors, or Pacific Charter Institute, please see the PCI website at:   http://www.pacificcharters.org/


VIRTUAL CLASSES.  Our online math and science classes for middle & high school students are going great guns!  These classes began during the last week in August, but

Contact Cheryl (cgomes@valleyviewcharter.org) for the specifics regarding these courses.

And for all our students: if you want help with math, Cheryl is available every Monday for free, personalized tutoring in various Bay Area libraries.  Ask your teacher for times and places.


WASC.   We are gearing up for renewal of our accreditation!  All stakeholders are welcome to join the discussions.  If you are interested in direct participation in this process, please contact John Mittan.     logo


Academic Counselor:  Jennifer McInerney; jmcinerney@valleyviewcharter.org;  (925) 323-1938

Virtual Classes: Cheryl Gomes; cgomes@valleyviewcharter.org; (707) 365-5633

Project Lead the Way/Online resources: Laurie Bradshaw; lbradshaw@valleyviewcharter.org; (510) 384-0535

SPEE’s/field trips: Lorraine Urfer; lurfer@valleyviewcharter.org; (510) 861-1680

–WASC questions / Valley View School Director: John Mittan: jmittan@valleyviewcharter.org

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