Dear Valley View Parent,

I know everyone has felt the wave of the start of school crash against our collective shore. August seems like a blur with initial meetings, month 1 attendance, the parent fair, NWEA testing, OPS ordering, etc. I commend each of you for getting the school year off and running so well, particularly our new families. I’m so impressed by your dedication. As we look ahead to the challenges of this year, this commitment bodes well for our WASC accreditation.

Going into the fall, we will continue to execute components of our LCAP plan (see below.) Last spring, Valley View staff, parents and stakeholders generated a Local Accountability Plan through parent surveys, stakeholder meetings and the spring parent fair. This plan focuses on (1) intervention for struggling students, (2) college and career readiness, and (3) parent engagement.

In September, we will delve deeper into college and career readiness (LCAP plan goal 2) with Study Sync for some middle/high school. For those middle school and high school students participating in Study Sync, our goal for the semester will be to collect ‘key assignments’ for all students enrolled in Study Sync.

Also in September, we will review Fall NWEA Map results. If your child is struggling as demonstrated through MAP results, our staff will provide your student with a laptop computer and access to Study Island. Additionally, Valley View staff will review with you how we access students in Study Island, review the NWEA/Study Island linking path, and demonstrate how to access weekly assessment probes in SI. This last step can be used in conjunction with Study Island content or with a curriculum/vendor of your choice.

Finally during this month, we will address the progress of our WASC focus group meetings for this year’s accreditation. Judging from the conversations I had with group facilitators, our second meeting with parents, student and staff went well, with a few exceptions. We will continue to examine what went well for groups and what needs improvement. Additionally below is a review of the outcome of our SLO Survey sent to you at the beginning of school and introduce our new Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs.)

This year promises to be a busy one. However, the end result will be worth it, as it we move into a new stage of our school’s development.

Happy learning,

John Mittan


California’s new funding model for public schools dictates parent involvement through our Local Accountability Plan (LCAP). The establishment of the Parent Fairs last year gave a formal voice, along with our parent survey, for our families to participate in guiding LCAP decision-making. As a result last years’ LCAP planning focuses on mathematics, college and career readiness, and parent engagement. In the spring semester, we encourage all parents to become involved through parent fair meetings. Additionally, we will host several online committee meetings throughout the semester. Please consult future newsletters for dates and times.


Student Learning Outcomes:

Valley View is going through accreditation. This process allows us to identify, review and revise our School-wide Learner Outcomes. This began in spring of last year, where staff identified key qualities every student can expect to achieve when they enroll in our school. These qualities were categorized into a survey sent to all parents/staff/students at the beginning of this year. Results from the survey were aggregated and formalized into new School-wide Learner Outcomes or SLOs. Below are our new SLOs:

  • Valley View students are motivated individuals who demonstrate Community Engagement through responsible and compassionate participation in their communities.
  • Valley View students are competent readers who demonstrate Academic Preparation through self-directed and analytical mastery of subject content.
  • Valley View students are Socially Literate Communicators who solve problems through appropriate speaking, writing and listening.





NWEA.  The Northwest Evaluation Association assessments went well.  If you have not yet heard your results (Grades 2-11), your teacher will be talking with you at your next meeting, or you may contact her to find out more.

PARENT FAIRE.  During the Testing in August, our director, John Mittan, and some of us  teachers, were on hand to discuss with you some of the exciting programs and events happening at our school.  What a grand success!  It was fun meeting so many of you!

If you missed it, and/or have any further questions, see the contact information at the bottom of this newsletter.


VIRTUAL CLASSES.  Valley View Charter Prep offers a variety of math and science classes for our middle & high school students that take place online, with live instruction. These classes began during the last week in August.
Contact Cheryl (see below) for the specifics regarding these courses.

Our Math teacher is available every Monday for free, personalized tutoring in various Bay Area libraries.  She is there to help with the Virtual students, but all VVCP students are welcome to come and seek assistance.  Ask your teacher for times and places.


WASC.   There will be more meetings of stakeholders during the next several months.  If you are interested in direct participation, please contact John Mittan.     logo


SPEE (aka field trips).
Here are our upcoming field trips for September and October.  They are already full, and all registered families will be notified of the logistics over the next few weeks.
If you are signed up and cannot make it, contact Lorraine ASAP.


1) Friday, 9/29/17: Tilden Botanical Gardens, Berkeley hills.

2 & 3) California State Capitol
and  California Railroad Museum 

If your student is signed up for this SPEE, you will get an email regarding the new date and time.

4) Monday, 10/23/17: Smith Family Farm, 4430 Sellers Ave, Knightsen
TIME: 10:00

THIS SPEE IS CLOSED.  Emails will be sent to the families who are signed up.



DEADLINE: The deadline for November’s Sacramento events had been set as Sept. 13, but the slots are already full.  If you want to be on a waiting list, email Lorraine @

DEADLINE: Sept 13, 2017 is the deadline for the NOVEMBER 14 class on MONARCH BUTTERFLIES at the Natural Bridge State Park in Santa Cruz.
This trip is also full and we can maintain a waiting list.


Work Samples are due this month.  Talk with your teacher about your educational plan for the school year.


PCI:  For much more information about our school, vendors, or Pacific Charter Institute, please see the PCI website at:

Any Questions?  Feel free to contact your teacher, or the persons listed here:

Academic Counselor:  Jennifer McInerney;;  (925) 323-1938

Virtual Classes: Cheryl Gomes;; (707) 365-5633

Project Lead the Way/Online resources: Laurie Bradshaw;; (510) 384-0535

SPEE’s/field trips: Lorraine Urfer;; (510) 861-1680

–WASC questions / Valley View School Director: John Mittan:


**For information on the Local Control and Accountability Plan, CLICK HERE.


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