Dear Families of Valley View Charter Prep:

Welcome back to the new school year!  2017/2018 will mark an exciting year for our school.  We are entering our fourth year, as we continue to grow.  There is a lot happening, so let’s jump right into it.  Below is a list of events and/or programs.  Click on the highlighted words for specific time, places and other details.

SURVEY.  As Valley View Charter enters it’s 4th year of operation, our community will embark on an intensive self-study in preparation for our WASC accreditation visit in March. It is VERY important that you help us to help you, by filling out the linked survey at your earliest convenience.  CLICK HERE to begin the survey.

The accreditation process requires a reflective analysis of the mission and vision of our school. Last spring our staff reviewed and identified target competencies for VVCP students. These competences are also known as Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).  The four categories identified are: Life Skills for Community Engagement, Character Development, Academic Preparation, Effective Communicators. [See below for additional explanation for WASC.]


During the last two weeks of August, a formal Meet’n’Greet will be available, with answers and demonstrations.  Structured very much like our Faire from April, we will be presenting information and interaction with teachers and administrators for a wide variety of classes and opportunities that will be taking place this year.  This will include Virtual Classes, Project Lead the Way (elementary science group lessons), SPEE’s (aka field trips), LCAP**, WASC, Vendors, the Academic High School counselor – and more.
All of this will take place in the same buildings as the NWEA Benchmark Assessments, so that you can come talk with us while your kids do their testing.  [The Faire will not be running after Aug 30.]   It’s a GREAT time to sign up for field trips, which are starting to fill up.

VIRTUAL CLASSES.  Valley View Charter Prep offers a variety of math and science classes for our middle & high school students that take place online, with live instruction.  These teachers are also available every Monday for free, personalized tutoring in various Bay Area libraries.  There is a semester tuition charge for each course, taken from the student funds.
Every Virtual Student will be required to attend a “Boot Camp” in August, for orientation and for passing out of all texts and equipment (computers, etc).  Contact Cheryl Gomes for details.

PROJECT LEAD THE WAY.  We offer a series of group science classes for the elementary crowd.  All we need is a meeting space, and a group of 6-10 students to band together for these hands-on sessions.  A session of ten 2-hour classes will charge $125 from student funds.

NWEA.  The Northwest Evaluation Association assessments will be administered to all students in grades 2 through 11.  These benchmark tests give us a way to help identify your student’s strengths, needs and progress.
August NWEA assessments: our schedule is as follows:

  • Pleasant Hill: 8/21, 22, 23
  • Livermore: 8/24, 25
  • Berkeley: 8/28, 29, 30, 31
  • Stockton/Calaveras: 9/1
  • Contact  your teacher for the information on time and place. Once you get the info, please be sure to look at the schedule, pick a time & place for your child(ren), and let your teacher know as soon as you can when you will be coming for the assessments.  These slots fill up fast!


WASC.  In order to be a recognized high school, we must be accredited.  This means presenting our goals and successes to the wonderful folks from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  Our entire staff is always working to identify the areas in which our school is successful and ways where we can improve, but we need the help of all stakeholders, especially the parents and students.  Your teacher will keep you informed about stakeholder’s committees, and ways in which you can help our school community.

SPEE (aka field trips).  This acronym stands for “Student and Parent Educational Excursion”.     One area that we wish to serve you is to provide ways that you can become a bigger part of the VVCP community.  This begins with the Regional Park Days at the beginning of the year, but we will also hold one to two field trips every month, starting at the end of September.  Note that it is imperative that you look ahead on the schedule to determine what SPEE’s you will be attending.  We MUST have a complete list of attendees by the stated deadline for each SPEE.
Click here for the  FT Perm form 17-18.  Some field trips have a deadline of AUGUST 30, so that is coming up quickly.  Details for these and other SPEE’s can be seen by clicking the menu tab above.  Work with your teacher to make your plans, or contact Lorraine directly (see below).
Or you can sign up at the Parent Faire, where we will have forms, lists of all the upcoming SPEE’s, and even a brief survey to gauge your needs.

High School Counseling. The High School is offering a number of classes through Virtual Classes and other online opportunities.  The counselor is also here to help you decide the best ways to achieve your goals, whether through these courses, community college, textbook learning, or hands-on efforts.  All this must be done within the scope of what the state requires for accredited schools, while at the same time retaining the unique nature of your child’s education in addressing his/her interests, needs and learning styles.  Our Academic Counselor is very experienced in homeschooling and can help you to find a way to optimize the quality of education for your child(ren).  She can also help with your middle-schooler in preparing you for high school.
For more info, go to

Resources Online.  The school has purchased a number of online programs that all families can access without charge.  Click here, then ask your teacher for more details.

VENDORS.  Come to the Parent Faire to meet some of the vendors who provide services for our students.
In the meantime, you have access to a complete list of PCI-approved vendors of services, click HERE.
For much more information, see the PCI website!

And if you know of a vendor – be it a piano or Spanish teacher, or a city Rec program, etc – that would be an asset to our selection of available Vendors, please have them fill out the form at the PCI website:

Any Questions?  Feel free to contact your teacher, or the person in charge of each item:
–Academic Counselor:  Jennifer McInerney;;  (925) 323-1938
–Virtual Classes: Cheryl Gomes;; (707) 365-5633
–Project Lead the Way: Laurie Bradshaw;; (510) 384-0535
–SPEE’s/field trips: Lorraine Urfer;; (510) 861-1680
–WASC questions / Valley View School Director: John Mittan:

**For information on the Local Control and Accountability Plan, CLICK HERE.


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